Garrett Crowe proudly supports Aethercon, a free online gaming convention. Not only are there tons of online games via roll20, but the industry's leaders drop by to answer the viewers' questions about their product lines or various gaming topics. 

During the summer, Garrett leads a team of podcasters to record sit down interviews with our favorite game designers. Watch Garrett chat with Greg Costikyan and James Wallis of Paranoia... or ask them questions. Thursday, 6/29, 6pm... CLICK HERE.

Here’s the next batch of vintage Threat Detected episodes. It includes my first ever running of the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars system, in a holiday special on Tatooine. 
There’s an episode where the spouses of Star Wars gamers compare notes… and I don’t look too good compared to some of the hubbies.
We even go to the latter episodes of First to Strike, as Mount Antas gets stormed… and as Moppo becomes a Jedi Knight. These sessions include my wife Mari, cartographer extraordinaire Christopher West, amazing gamer and artist Ryan Walsh and even Donovan Morningfire.

Remember when all you needed to game was a book and a bunch of friends... and maybe someone's basement? Barefoottourguide doesn't either. He came to this game pretty late but was told about this magical time by the Doctor.

It's time to get out of the basement and stop paying admission to game. On 6/20,

Barefoottourguide is hosting his own Free RPG Day at Collectors Inn  in Kenmore NY. He's going to run the amazing Doctor Who Adventures In Time and Space RPG, showing off this simple yet elegant, cool as a fez game.

Drop by 6/20 @2pm. Too far away and no TARDIS available, run your own Doctor Who Free RPG Day at a comic or game store near you.


Welcome to Barefoottourguide's Threat Detected.


Barefoottourguide aka Garrett Crowe is a game designer and writer, as well as host and producer of two beloved podcasts, Threat Detected and Threats From Gallifrey.  The podcasts are now hosted at Misdirected Mark Productions, allowing me to use this space to discuss my other gaming projects, including cartography, writing and developing original rpg worlds and systems. 

These are excited new times with fascinating projects on the horizon. Learn about the developments about such works as Chains of Eire, Tusk and Death of a Barefoot Tour Guide