Episode 3: Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear: Lost Someone We Were Seeking
The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear bravely sends the Hobbit Togo down the chimney of the marsh dwellers’ underwater lair. The brave Hobbit is lured by treasure into the deepest chambers of the beasts’ caverns. They rescue Legelevan Ankle Biter but discover she’s been shackled with a cursed First Age artifact of Nulukkizdin.
Watch the One Ring session at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OwVcyKXglU
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I am so happy to share with everyone my Achtung! Cthulhu module "Willing Blood." Yes, it does require the Achtung! Keeper and Investigator books, as well as Savage Worlds Deluxe... but it's an awesome tale to scare your friends with.
Set the stage: not even a month after Britain declares war on Germany, weeks after a u-boat infiltrates the British Naval Yard at Scapa Flow and sinks HMS Royal Oak, a member of the House of Lords's adult daughter's abducted by German spies in downtown London. The Lord fears for his adult son's safety... and he's on a British battleship a hundred miles off the coast of Scandinavia. Your investigators are tasked with bringing the seaman home.
From there, we're talking more cults than you can shake a byahkee at, ancient curses and three possible ways for the world to come to an end. No pressure. Check out "Willing Blood" here.

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