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Barefoot Tour Guide Games has launched its first three products for the DM's Guild! Check out:
and 178674/Drow-Priestess-Playset
These are maps to help out with running Out of the Abyss,

"Oh my god! This will get me to gm. You're amazing."
McScoopenstein via /r/MST3K 

You may be the sole reason I go to GenCon. I live an hour from Indy and still have yet to go.
Dave Drevello via /r/MST3K

As a backer of this project, I approve of this message.

Dennis Stewart 

Type your paragraph here.Here’s what you’re going to get for being so generous with #bringbackmst3k
Dungeons and Dragons modules (5e compatible) for:
Space Mutiny
Beginning of the End
Pod People

Savage Worlds module of Beginning of the End
Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition module of Manos

These modules will be released next fall, beginning with Manos at GenCon 2016. Please join us. All adventures will be available for free at This is my gift for Msties for paying to bring me more MST3K.

Lord of the Hives, the 18 player Star Wars Saga delve was unlocked thanks to Patreon supporters. Go to to get your copy of this epic.

Welcome to Barefoottourguide Productions.


Barefoottourguide aka Garrett Crowe is a game designer and writer, as well as host and producer of three beloved podcasts, Threat Detected and Threats From Gallifrey and Threats From Mirkwood. The podcasts are now hosted at Misdirected Mark Productions, allowing me to use this space to discuss my other gaming projects, including cartography, writing and developing original rpg worlds and systems. 

These are exciting times with fascinating projects on the horizon. Learn about the developments about such works as Chains of Eire, Tusk and Death of a Barefoot Tour Guide

I’m Garrett Crowe, a lifelong fan of MST3K and freelance game designer. Being a Mstie has always been about fighting hard fights in creative ways (like a good D&D encounter) to keep the show on the air or vital in pop culture. With Joel Hodgson trying to make new episodes via #bringbackmst3k, I found myself wondering what I could do to provide a significant boost.
Hence, I’ve vowed to write a Dungeons and Dragons module for every million dollars the kickstarter earns. Each module will be based on a classic MST3K episode. Currently, I’ve announced plans to write: Manos, Space Mutiny and the Beginning of the End. Hopefully, the kickstarter will continue to succeed, and more titles will be added. The Manos adventure will debut GenCon 2016.
I would love to help Joel’s kickstarter by motivating the gaming community